Take back your power in your postpartum season.

Do not let yourself go into depletion!


Your first 42 days postpartum represent a crossroad. You either take the path of full rejuvenation or the path of depletion


It is never too late to take the path of rejuvenation in your postpartum journey, even if you are past your Sacred Window you can still bring healing within. 

I am here to guide you to have the most empowering postpartum sacred window by taking the path of rejuvenation by following my Ayurvedic healing protocol. 

The 3P's (Pivotal Postpartum Protocol) healing path are based on four Pillars to bring you to rejuvenation and live the most conscious and healing postpartum: 




It is a very important part of your healing and recovery. 

Remember, it takes 6 weeks for your uterus to go back to its pre pregnancy size and weight. 

Diet & spices/herbs


 Your needs postpartum are great and you need a specific diet protocol to follow during such a Sacred time


Daily body care & Self care


Ayurvedic postpartum body care for mama is a big part of the postpartum recovery and healing. Learn the art of Abhyanga, belly binding and so much more! 



You are wide open during your Sacred Window leaving an empty space in your womb. It is a must that you reconnect with your consciousness.

Entering your motherhood journey with awareness and willingness to be transformed will help you to heal. 

As a mother, you become triggered by your baby's behavior. Healing your inner self is guiding you to the path of Rejuvenation. 

Practicing Sophrology during this sacred time is a powerful method that brings deep healing emotionally and psychologically.

Your true work is your inner work. 

You will allow yourself to reconnect your mind and body together and living fully in harmony. You will reconnect with your inner self and intuition. 

You will be able to create a deep bonding with your newborn baby and understand his/her cues faster as you will be in tuned. 

Ayurvedic Motherhood Community

Be a part of a community of women who are on the same journey as you. Connect, share and support one another during this incredible transformative season.     

Heal & Rejuvenate together

Take the path of rejuvenation for a blissful postpartum


The postpartum care is extremely important because you are in a crossroad. 

You are experiencing so many changes within: physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Everything needs to be restructured.

You are as fragile and vulnerable as your newborn baby and have to be nourished and supported as much as your newborn baby.  

You are experiencing a rare opening and window where you can deeply heal and rejuvenate. You can feel even better than pre pregnancy if you follow the Proper Postpartum Protocol.

Don't take the path of depletion 


Our Western approach of postpartum make us believe that depression, anxiety, psychosis, rapid aging, mastitis, colic in the baby, trouble bonding with baby, hair loss are part of "normal Motherhood process". As if to become a mother, we need to sacrifice our well being and harmony between our mind and body and husband/partner. 


Motherhood is beautiful, raw and transformative.

You have an incredible unique opportunity to not only live a blissful postpartum but also STOP the PROCESS OF NATURAL DEGENERATION caused by age.

You have the power to transformed old cells to new cells. 

However, it is a must that you follow the Pivotal Postpartum Protocol to not go to depletion. 

Your needs are great and you must follow the Pivotal Postpartum Protocol to not go into depletion 

Your only job during this Sacred time is to HEAL and BOND with your newborn baby.

The first 42 days should be concentrating on nourishing your body, strengthening your bond with your baby and connecting within. 

You need an appropriate and reducing Vata dosha lifestyle during your postpartum to experience deep healing. Herbs, spices, diet, self massages and sophrology can only be effective if you have the right routine. 

Your needs postpartum are extremely different and specific. Your diet is crucial as well as the self-care. 

You need to have the Pivotal Postpartum Protocol support. 


You can stop the aging process by transforming old cells into new cells, it means you will look younger, feel better and have an easier time to loose your pregnancy weight

The diet has 4 phases during the Sacred Window Postpartum 


Phase 1: Cleansing and digestive building 

Phase 2: Digestive building and lactation 

Phase 3: Lactation support and rejuvenation 

Phase 4: Rejuvenation 



Diet is such a crucial component in your recovery journey. Knowing the right food to favor is imperative. 

It takes the full 6 weeks to properly heal, recover and rejuvenate.

If you do not receive the Proper Postpartum Protocol during those first 6 weeks you will go to depletion and plant seeds for present and/or future health issues. 


Live a transformative postpartum season by following the Proper Postpartum Protocol! 





The postpartum season does not have to be dreadful, sad, depressing, exhausting and hard.

Join the Ayurvedic Healing Protocol Today and prepare for your Sacred Postpartum! 


You are not alone mama and we are here to guide you to full healing and rejuvenation. 

Live an empowered, healing and rejuvenating postpartum season 


By becoming apart of the Ayurvedic Healing Protocol is taking the path of rejuvenation.

You will be following the Pivotal Postpartum Protocol while bonding with your newborn baby 

You will learn the Ayurvedic principles, proper food combining, food to avoid, how to strengthen your digestive fire, grocery and pantry list, belly binding, abhyanga and everything you need to know to prepare for your Sacred Window

You will have access to the 4 pillars: 

- How to rest and create your postpartum healing space 

- Full 42 days meal recipes (respecting the 4 phases), drinks and teas. 

- Self - nurturing and daily routine to promote deep healing as belly binding, abhyanga, herbal bath...

- Sophrology: bring deep mind - body healing and harmony 

You will also learn how to care for your newborn baby by following the Ayurvedic care and protocol


You will also be apart of the Ayurvedic Motherhood Community!
Motherhood is not meant to be lived alone. 
We look forward to meeting you mama! 

Take the path of Rejuvenation 

Live in harmony your motherhood journey. Don't miss out on your opportunity to heal and rejuvenate. Join a community of like minded mothers. Motherhood is not meant to be lived alone! We look forward to meeting you in the Ayurvedic Motherhood Community. 

Join the Ayurvedic Cocoon Community & Protocol

Ayurvedic Healing Virtual 1 on 1


Sacred Season Support

According to Ayurveda, the postpartum care is extremely crucial and important for the mother and baby.

The pivotal postpartum protocol and one on one care is based on the four Ayurvedic pillars to bring deep healing and rejuvenation. 

Limited availability 

  • 2 one hour virtual sessions during pregnancy to prepare and envision your sacred postpartum, answer any questions and creation of an individualized Ayurvedic postpartum menu 
  • Weekly 1 hour phone call 
  • Mobile chat access anytime during the first 6 weeks 
  • Individualized care and support 
  • Emotional support
  • Birth story listening and processing if ready
  • 2 individualized Sophrology sessions during your sacred window - breath work, meditation, relaxation, body scan to connect within and your postpartum body 
  • Guidance on newborn care
  • Abhyanga for baby
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Access to the Ayurvedic Healing Protocol & Community (recipes, self care and so much more...) 
  •  All access via mobile Apple or Google play store apps or your favorite browser 

1 on 1 guided protocol

Ayurvedic Healing Protocol

$497 $347

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  • The secrets of the Pivotal Postpartum Protocol -  Ayurvedic Wisdom & postpartum care
  • The four pillars to heal and rejuvenate 
  • Full 42 days meal recipes, snacks, teas and drinks 
  • Learn the power of self abhyanga, belly binding and herbal bath to nurtured, ground and heal yourself 
  • Access to Sophrology sessions to connect within, ground and bring harmony between mind - body
  • The infant care with the Ayurvedic wisdom: abhyanga, herbal baths... 
  • Live the most healing, grounding and rejuvenating postpartum Sacred Window   

Life Time Bonuses 

  • Lifetime membership to the Ayurvedic Motherhood Community 
  • Continuous feature updates and added recipes, videos, audios...
  • Exclusive workshop with invited birth professionals to help live the smoothest postpartum 
  • All access via mobile Apple or Google play store apps or your favorite browser 
  • Monthly Mother circles 

Value = Leaving you fully healed and rejuvenated for the next 42 years is $priceless 

Ayurvedic Healing Protocol

Take the path of deep Healing & Rejuvenation 


Join Ayurvedic Healing Protocol to live the most healing, rejuvenating and transforming motherhood journey! 
It is our honor to guide you to rejuvenation during your Sacred Window postpartum 

Our Ayurvedic doula & Sophrologist 


Chloe is a mother of 4, devoted Ayurvedic doula & Sophrologist, former psychologist and owner of Cocoon & Womb. 

She guides mothers to live in harmony within during pregnancy, birth and their motherhood journey. She helps mothers to connect with their baby and themselves using the wonderful powerful method of Sophrology. 

She is also passionated to guide mothers to full healing and rejuvenation during their Sacred Window postpartum following the Ayurvedic wisdom & protocol.

That is why she has created the Proper Postpartum Protocol. 


I am ready!